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Alston Ridge Middle School

Congratulations to all ARMS participants in the 2022 - 2023 National PTA REFLECTIONS Program! This year's theme was ”Show Your Voice"


ARMS Winning Entries


Name : Anjali Shenoy

Grade : 7th

Category: Film - 1st place School Level

Title : How We Came Together
[A Documentary]

Statement: The pandemic caused so many difficulties and changes in everyone's lives, one of them being masks. The community managed to persevere through this hardship and wear the masks and get vaccinated which resulted in Covid trends going down!


Name : Maryam Ali

Grade : 6th

Category: Literature - 1st place School Level

Title : Voices That Change The World

Statement :People often think that they are just normal people and whatever they say doesn’t matter. My story proves the opposite. People have a voice they just have to show and use. People’s voice matter and has a huge impact on the lives of others. My story shows how a normal girl uses her voice to stand up to racism and bullying. The girl thought she was a nobody, but soon learned that she was very wrong. 

Name : Nishamma Libang

Grade : 6th

Category: Literature - 2nd place School Level

Title : Thoughts

Statement: A girl named Serenity has ADHD and struggles making friends. Later in the year, she finds out about summer camp and decides to go. There she meets people like her, and made many great friends. But of course, there were some bad.

Name : Saee Pol

Grade : 7th

Category: Literature - 3rd place School Level

Title : I am Enough

Statement: This piece of poetry reminds us all that we are enough to do anything in the world. Anything stopping us, like the comparison of others, or even negative words, are never enough to break you down and stop you from achieving, unless you let them get inside your head.

Name : Anjali Shenoy

Grade : 7th

Category: Literature - 4th place School Level

Title : Show Your Voice

Statement: The poem is about how the community came together during the pandemic and wore masks which caused the covid trends to go down.

Photography-1st Place-Harshika Y.jpg

Name : Harshika Yendapalli

Grade : 8th

Category: Photography - 1st place School Level

Title : The Strokes of My Voice

Statement:Art has been something I have enjoyed since I was a kid, to the point that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. As I grew up, I kept learning art, and I did come to the realisation that I don't want to be an artist when I grow up, but I still enjoy it. Now I continue to fix my past artworks, and paint or draw things that I admire, like animals or nature, because it shows people where my interests and most importantly, my voice, reside.

Photography-2nd Place-Maryam A.JPG

Name : Maryam Ali

Grade : 6th

Category: Photography - 2nd place School Level

Title : Birds, Fish, and Humans of color

Statement: These fish vary in color. So do these birds, but they still live together in peace and harmony. Humans, on the other hand are also of different colors and races and we are all unique which is a good thing. Sadly unlike these fish and birds, we treat one another unfairly and fight just because of our skin color. It may sound silly, but racism is a big issue that still happens all around the world. Why can’t we just unite and stop fighting? That is how I will show my voice. I will show my voice by stepping up against racism.

Photography-3rd Place-Saee P.jpg

Name : Saee Pol

Grade : 7th

Category: Photography - 3rd place School Level

Title : Grow Beyond

Statement: This piece reminds us all to not put an end to our growth. There can be many things in life that tend to stop us from proceeding, but the sky's the limit and you can achieve many great things if you put the past behind you and make the negative words of others into motivation to continue your journey.


Name : Kaushal Kumar

Grade : 8th

Category: Music - 1st place School Level

Title :  Blues On E

Statement: My production is a blues type song and I created this song with my music teacher to play at a live performance so I changed of few things about the song composition and recorded it.

Visual Art
Visual Art-1st Place-Likeetha K.jpeg

Name : Likeethaa Sree theertendra kumar

Grade : 8th

Category: Visual Art - 1st place School Level

Title :  Express your feelings

Statement: I wanted my art work to show that if you don't express your feelings they will be dimmed. I have trouble telling people what I feel, and I wanted to help other express there feelings.

Visual Art-2nd Place-Maryam A.jpeg

Name : Maryam Ali

Grade : 6th

Category: Visual Art - 2nd place School Level

Title :  Heart of Unity

Statement: No matter what all are unique. Stand up to bullying and racism and help stop it. My art represents many different people from different countries. They are all of different races and skin colors. People bully and make fun of one another over skin color and race. My art supports stopping racism and bullying because after all there is nothing we can do about our skin color and race because we all are unique.

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